Virtual Training Tool for Negotiation Skills Development

85% of your employees' success depends on their ability to negotiate with other people. Reflection can help them to improve negotiation skills and overall work performance.
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Reflection is a unique online platform that facilitates the process of negotiation skills development. We believe in the power of regular and meaningful practice. That is why our users learn how to negotiate effectively by taking part in role-playing sessions. Highly realistic simulations allow participants to negotiate naturally while enabling valuable insights.

After just one month of using Reflection your employees will be better at:
1. selling their ideas;
2. justifying their decisions clearly;
3. employing active listening techniques;
4. resolving conflicts;
5. reaching agreements with clients and colleagues and achieving business objectives.

Both professional individuals and teams can benefit from using Reflection. We support the training of procurement leaders and their teams, sales leaders and their teams, legal and finance professionals, HR and Talent Development managers and any other professionals who are willing to become better negotiators.

Our clients include banking institutions, FMCG manufacturers, retailers and consulting companies.
We deliver a training experience that keeps people motivated to learn.
Hundreds of professionals have already enhanced their negotiation skills and experienced a tangible improvement in their work with the help of Reflection.
Ways to Use
Online assessment
Check your employee's negotiation skills.
Quickly teach new hires to negotiate.
Continuous learning
Continuously improve the negotiation skills of the entire staff.
Why Choose Us
Focus on practice
Role-plays customised to your needs
Comprehensive individual feedback from peers and experts
Clear and precise comments left by an expert with the help of a special video annotation tool
Personal dashboards and diagrams of comparative competency development for monitoring improvements and identifying leaders
Cheaper, more convenient and more applicable to real-life business tasks than offline training

How it Works

Schedule negotiation sessions for your employees. Reflection will enable them to learn and practice in a risk-free setting by engaging them in negotiation role-plays. Participants interact online via our platform. No additional software is needed.
Roles assignment and preparation
Negotiation role-plays are realistic simulations imitating different business situations. Before the session, each person studies a description of a situation and reads confidential information about their role. Then both opponents have time to prepare for negotiations and plan their strategy.
Online negotiations
At the scheduled time, participants start their online negotiations . To connect, they use an in-built videoconferencing tool on our platform. The meeting is automatically recorded.
Signing a virtual contract
Having finished, participants fill in a form where they record the terms of their negotiated agreement. They have their own goals and priorities and score points depending on how well they negotiate certain issues. The results of negotiations are automatically assessed, and the best negotiator is identified.
Peer assessment and expert's feedback
There is not only automatic numerical rating but also detailed verbal feedback. After the session, negotiators give mutual feedback and assess each others' skills. The record of the session is then analysed by our expert or your company's expert. An in-built annotation tool allows the expert to annotate the video highlighting important moments in it. Each added comment is attached to a particular moment of the video. This comprehensive assessment allows negotiators to learn about their strengths and find areas for improvement.
What Our Clients Say About Us
Simon K.
In June, the issue of finding new approaches to training sales staff was raised. With the help of the Reflection system, it was possible to quickly replace traditional courses with remote training. Employees' reviews show that training with Reflection is better that offline courses. The training budget was reduced by 70%.
Julia N.
I have already completed 6 negotiation sessions using this simulator. Each session was an opportunity to gain new valuable insights. I consider this sales training method to be the most effective.
Dennis S.
It's great that you can look at yourself from the outside and get detailed feedback. Expert's comments pop up when you watch the recording which allows you to identify the exact moment when some mistake was made. You can immediately see what to change in order to negotiate with clients better.
Irene G.
We use this simulator to teach our employees how to sell new products and handle customers' objections effectively before actual sales begin. I like that it is on-the-job training which is focused specifically on the needs of our business.
Nicholas T.
We used Reflections to identify the best negotiators in the company. It turned out to be much cheaper and more convenient than using the services of assessment centers. Fast, transparent and affordable.