Digital Training Platform

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Quantity of employees
Perfect training environment
Learn complex communication skills online
training takes only 30-50 minutes a week
train from anywhere in the world
effective training is the key to success
Possible application
Improve the negotiation skills of your staff.
Prepare your employees for the launch and sale of a new product, and help them develop skills to react to customer rejection.
Conduct negotiation skill tournaments that will provide valuable experience.
Staff evaluation and supervision.
Train staff for real-life sales pitches.
Customer service training.
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How it works
Assignment of Business Situation

Reflection connects two people from anywhere in the world for a role-playing game.
Each of the participants receives a proposed business situation, their role in it, and time to prepare for a video meeting with their opponent.
Video meeting
At an agreed time, the participants face off via video call on the Reflection platform and play out the proposed situation. The meeting is automatically recorded and saved on the platform.
Record results
After completing the game, each participant logs the resulting agreement, and the system automatically calculates earned points. Each participant also gives feedback on their opponent.
The video is always available to the participants as well as a coach or supervisor so that the employee can be assessed. Reflection allows you to conveniently make tags with comments into the corresponding moments of the video.
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